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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Fantasy Romance The Indomitable Master of Elixirs 684 Territorial Battle (4) North Night Atlas Studios 13 minutes ago
Magical Realism Scholar's Advanced Technological System 696 Nobel Prize Season Morning Star LL Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 862 Insane Idea Yao Ye Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance The Emperor’s Daughter 297 The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 297 YUNSUL - - 1 hour ago
Contemporary Romance My Youth Began With Him 3071 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (1) Baby Piggie - - 1 hour ago
Magical Realism Spare Me, Great Lord! 1146 Mystery of the Celestial Map The Speaking Pork Trotter Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Magical Realism Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal 1076 Do You Want to Fight Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Carefree Path of Dreams 1057 Military Division The Plagiarist Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Magical Realism Story of a Big Player from Gangnam 481 Business Tour in India (2) – Part 2 ??? - - 5 hours ago
Contemporary Romance WARNING! Tsundere President 989 989、Don’t you ever check out any other man than me. Shopkeeper Fang EndlessFantasy Translation 5 hours ago
Magical Realism Great Doctor Ling Ran 923 Script Village of Ambitious Birds EndlessFantasy Translation 5 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Library of Heaven's Path 2234 Conferred God King of the Nine Skies (1) Heng Sao Tian Ya StarveCleric 5 hours ago
Fantasy Emperor of Steel 363 Dark Clouds over Song Empire 4 Kangchan - - 6 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Supreme Uprising 1180 The Training Ground Of Donglu Town Jewelcat Atlas Studios 6 hours ago
Sci-fi Super Detective in the Fictional World 140 Save Your Actions For Your Mom Icy Plain's Three Elegance - - 6 hours ago
Magical Realism Returning from the Immortal World 1348 Intriguing and Perplexing Jing Ye Ji Si Exodus Tales 6 hours ago
Horror&Thriller My House of Horrors 1055 Duel with the Unknown [2 in 1] I Fix Air-Conditioner - - 6 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Divine Brilliance 673 Fight to the death Kai Huang Exodus Tales 7 hours ago
Magical Realism God of Cooking 121 Chapter 121: Rules of Tasting (2) ????? - - 7 hours ago
Magical Realism Empire of the Ring 760 Putin’s Proposal (2) ???? - - 7 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Anime & Comics Frenzy: DxD edition 3 Chapter 3 Meraj_Alimi 1 minute ago
Historical Romance I, The Villainess 15 Chapter 14: Revelations Kept A Secret LATTE123 1 minute ago
Fantasy Romance The Crimson Eyes 62 Side Story: Mother and !"è&?" Dearest LoliDirective 1 minute ago
Martial Arts Reaper of the Martial World 893 Sapientia News Network (5) Awespec 1 minute ago
Martial Arts justicekatarungan 26 DNA Test toriatim 2 minutes ago
Fantasy Indomitable War God 13 Chapter 13: Expansion Noisymad 2 minutes ago
Fantasy The Immortal System (IS) 7 That's called a village? Rageskills36 3 minutes ago
Romance Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress 360 Stronger Than Before Part 2 TheIllusionist 4 minutes ago
Romance Ray of sunlight on winter 170 Chapter 170 Fiskasaca27 4 minutes ago
Sci-fi Romance MISDIRECK: THE STORY OF A HERO WHO WANTED TO BE NORMAL 5 Out of the Shadows Master_Sentinel 4 minutes ago
Fantasy The Beginning of an Ending -1 Prologue WinterDreamer 5 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Sakura’s Blade 1 Ch 1 Yuu_Yaku 5 minutes ago
Romance GIFT OF THE HEART 13 Chapter 12 wanangwakaluba 7 minutes ago
Historical Romance Tune of the Wild Geese 54 Passing Through LanLan 8 minutes ago
Anime & Comics A Fish That Can Evolve 16 Even the ground tastes better The_Immortal_King 8 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Rise of the War Demons 19 ***Results for the Event*** SPECTER_KUN 8 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction The Men in White 20 Washington Fun Day Two Andy_Sim 12 minutes ago
Horror&Thriller Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse! 260 A little bird? - Hey, you done over there? Sky2316 13 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Pioneer of Ascension 26 One Year Chalky 13 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Soldier Husband 271 You had to be a hero, didn't you? (5) klmorgan 13 minutes ago

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